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Last Updated: 03/05/2023

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'Tasmania'  Itineraries

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In the author's note of Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places I wrote, 'To facilitate the use of the itineraries that are included in a book that has become less portable than intended, all itineraries can be downloaded separately from this website. Here below are the itineraries in separate pdf form. They still have their original chapter numbers from the book. I hope this means that you can visit a place on foot with a piece or sheaf of paper, rather than a heavy book in your hand but you may need to mug up well on the history section before you go!'

Chapter 14 - Around and About Macquarie Street (Hobart Chapter 20 - East Coast (Writers' Coast)
Chapter 15 - Around Hobart Chapter 21 - Midland Highway
Chapter 16 - New Town (Hobart) Chapter 22 - Around Longford
Chapter 17 - Risdon Cove to Port Arthur Chapter 23 - Launceston
Chapter 18 - Oyster Cove to Recherche Bay Chapter 24 - North West Coast - Launceston to Cape Grim
Chapter 19 - New Norfolk